Château de la Motte


The Château de la Motte, gourmet restaurant in Liessies

The Chef of the Château de la Motte restaurant draws his inspiration from a land that knows no borders, specialties from neighbouring Belgium and Northern flavours come together for the pleasure of the taste buds. Herbs grown in the chateau and local treasures (from some organic producers), help enrich a palette of flavors that will delight gourmets.

Private dining rooms and terrace at the Chateau de la Motte in the Avesnois

In the summer, the Château de la Motte is a country house with its terrace which seats up to 50 opening on to the park. For events, we propose our two private rooms with capacity for 20 and 35. Our largest room can accommodate 100 people.

Menus at the Château de la Motte restaurant near Maubeuge

During the week, the chef proposes his formula centred around a main dish which can be tasted without moderation.
Our waiter will advise you the best wine to choose from a selection of over 90 references.

Reservation au ou

16€ / 21€

Formula centred around a main dish

  • Plat                          16€
  • Entrée & Plat             21€
  • Plat & Dessert           21€


The little menu

This menu with cheese is 33 euros

  • Entrées & Plat : 33€
  • Plat & Dessert : 30€

40 €

All inclusive menu

THIS MENU IS NOT SERVED ON SUNDAYS AND PUBLIC HOLIDAYS. Beyond 15 people, it is desirable that the menu is the same for all.

  • Entrée, plat & dessert


Menu n°1



Menu of the Sea The Ocean

For 2 people

  • Coupe de champagne
  • Entrée, Plat, BUFFET DE FROMAGES, Dessert
  • 1/2 bouteille de vin rouge ou blanc
  • Café


  • 18 huîtres creuses de Normandie
  • 6 gambas
  • 12 crevettes roses
  • 60 gr de crevettes grises
  • 6 langoustines
  • 1 tourteau
  • bulots, bigorneaux
  • citron, vinaigre d’échalote,mayonnaise, salade

Our New Menu

Enjoy the best of our traditional cuisine

Savourez la nouvelle carte du chef 

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TUE 11h45 - 14h00 19h00 - 21h15
WED 11h45 - 14h00 19h00 - 21h15
THU 11h45 - 14h00 19h00 - 21h15
FRI 11h45 - 14h00 19h00 - 21h15
SAT 11h45 - 14h00 19h00 - 21h15
SUN 11h45 - 14h00 -

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